Whether you are a visitor or a resident in Dunedin, New Zealand, there is always something fun and enjoyable for you to do. You can visit the significant tourist areas, famous sites, and discover unusual activities. The trick is always to be willing to experiment and be adventurous. Some of the things to do in Dunedin are as follows.

Go for a Shore Excursion

Take a trip to Dunedin Port and join a team of people going for a shore excursion. You can use the hop-on, hop-off bus tour which allows you to make several stops and is always on time for the next trip. Alternatively, you can use the great Taieri Gorge Railway. You can spice things up by combining the excursion with scheduling visits to some of the popular sites in Dunedin, such as Cadbury World or the Olveston Historic Home and Speights Brewery. During the shore excursion, you will get audio headphones that have recorded commentary. Make sure that you look through the travel itinerary so that you choose what works best for you.

Take a Tour to the Dunedin and Otago Peninsula to See Wildlife

One of the main reasons for people to visit Dunedin is because it is close to the wildlife reserve. If you love nature, then you should visit the Otago Penisula, where you will spot different types of wildlife and birds. You will see the albatross, penguins, sea lions and seals. You can also take a stroll through Larnach Castle while you are on your way to the Otago Peninsula. To make things even more memorable, you can take a cruise ship and join a team of people who are also on tour like you.

Take a Group Tour Around Dunedin City

If you want to experience what goes on in this oldest city of New Zealand, then you should take a tour around Dunedin. It has so much to offer, starting from watching people so that you understand the culture. There are always guided tours to various streets, and you can make several stopovers to eat and shop.

Go for the Olveston Historic House Guided Tour

If you want to know more about the history of Dunedin, you should schedule a guided tour at Olveston House. This is a 35 room mansion which combines exhibitions of fine art, architecture, and furnishings. You will learn the history of one of Dunedin’s most prominent families and how they lived their lives. You will also see paintings of some of the most established artists such as Frances Hodgkins. If you want to shop, there is a small gift house where you can get a souvenir.

Sample the Bars and Restaurants

One of the best ways to get to learn about a place is by sampling the food which locals eat and having an experience of the nightlife. You can plan a tour to the Speights Brewery or hop into the many restaurants on the streets of Dunedin. If you are adventurous enough, try eating from the food trucks that sell snacks and traditional foods. It helps to interact with locals and ask them for recommendations on some of the popular places that you should visit. Feel free to try as many as you can.