Nothing can compare to the beauty of getting into a restaurant and eating something which teases your palate. Dunedin is the home of good food. It can be confusing trying to find a good restaurant among the many that exist. Getting the right restaurant requires patience, and you must also be adventurous and willing to try out as many places as you can. However, if you do not have enough time to keep sampling, some of the best restaurants in Dunedin that you should check out are as follows.


If you want a casual eating space where you can eat alone or go with a group of friends, then Moiety is the best place to be. Located in Queens Gardens, this restaurant can host 26 people. Most reviewers like it not just for the food, but also the ambience and the open kitchen. In terms of the menu, it is as diverse as it can get. They cook using local produce, and some of the classic food which you will get at Moiety include lamb, aubergine, pumpkin with miso, beetroot, dishes made with cheese, rice, and goat, among others. For drinks, they have ciders, beer, wine, soft drinks and juices. They top all this with good customer care service.

Prohibition Smokehouse

This restaurant has you covered if you love your meat. They are known for slow-cooked meat dishes and those which are freshly grilled. Whether you are looking for well-roasted bone marrow or crispy pork belly that is served with your favourite side of rice or fries, you will get it here. You will also find drinks such as wine and cocktail. One of their most fabulous additions is the outdoor seating that is tastefully done to include a fire pit and gas lamps for those cold nights when you just want to have warm soup and watch the world around you.

Good Good Restaurant

When the craving for fast food strikes, the Good Good Restaurant will sort you out. Located on Vogel Street, this restaurant boasts of having the best hamburger in town. The interior decor is retro, and their burger menu caters for both meat lovers and vegetarians. The sides are also as impressive as the main meal, and they include buttermilk bites, shoestring fries, and plain chips. You can also have a drink of your choice. They have wine, beers, sodas and milkshakes.


This restaurant is found on the Octagon. Its history is as interesting as the food it serves. The establishment where the restaurant is based was built in the 1880s. Their menu has fine wine, beer and whisky. If you are looking for something to eat, you should try their slow-cooked pork belly, bok choy, and oven-baked chicken. They also cater for vegetarians, and they have well-made spinach, aubergine and kale dishes. Their food is so delicious, it is no wonder they have won the Beef and Lamb Hallmark of Excellence in New Zealand over the last 15 years.

Plato Restaurant

For people who are looking for a relaxed eatery which is located on the waterfront, Plato is a good place. This restaurant is found on Birch Street, and it was initially established as a hostel for seafarers before it transitioned to a restaurant. Some of the foods to eat here include fish, meat, and desserts.