One of the best ways to get to know about a place and the culture of the people is by checking out their eateries and bars. If you are in Dunedin, and you want to socialise with the people, you should consider hanging out at the bars. If you are a visitor, you will realise that the list is endless when it comes to choosing the best bars in Dunedin. From the experience of people who have visited several bars and done reviews, some of the best bars in Dunedin are as follows.

Pop Bar

Located at the Octagon in Dunedin, this bar is open from 9.00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday, and 5.00 pm on Fridays. If you love vintage art, you will enjoy the retro feel, which makes up the Pop Bar. They have an outdoor drinking area that is very popular during the summer. They also have a DJ on the decks who plays a variety of music that is hard to resist, and most people find themselves on the dancefloor. The selection of drinks is also top-notch, and their cocktails will keep you wanting more.

Baa Sports Bar

Do you love to drink and sing? Or maybe you just want to watch people having fun, getting goofy and grabbing the karaoke microphone. If you are a traveller, you should have karaoke on your bucket list, and the Baa Sports Bar will be the right place where you can cross that off the list. Located on 746 GT King Street, the Baa Sports Bar will not only allow you to join in the karaoke, but you can also watch some of your favourite sports being broadcast. Their drink selection is wide and varied, and you can also order food as you catch up with the sports. It comes highly recommended by young and hip people.

Pequeno Lounge Bar

Based at the centre of Dunedin city, Pequeno provides world-class cocktails and an experience you will never forget. The ambience is unique, and the service is remarkable. During the weekends, they invite a live band to entertain, and they have a variety of music which lights up the place. Their cool basement bar has many people ordering espresso martinis and dancing to the beat.

Toast Bar

If you have had a tedious day and you need a place to go and unwind, then you should stop by the Toast Bar on Princes Street. Their menu is diverse, and their bartenders have been recognised in the Trans Tasman Cocktail Competition and Suntory Cup which honours bartenders who are zealous in their work. Other than the drinks, they also have bites such as chicken wings that will leave you licking your fingers. If you are looking for craft beer, you will find it here. Put Toaster Bar in your list of places to visit, and you will not regret it.

Luna Bar and Restaurant

It can be difficult getting the right bar if you are in the suburbs. The Luna Bar is a local treasure which has a beautiful view of the harbour. They serve a range of beers, spirits and wine. Other than alcoholic drinks, they also have a rich menu, including a chef’s special of risotto. It is quieter compared to other bars mentioned, so if you want a peaceful evening, this is the place to go to.