Otago in New Zealand has an undeserved reputation as being expensive. However, with some smart planning, it is possible to overcome Otago’s reputation for being expensive. Here are some easy ways to save money in Otago.

Some Ways to Save Money in Queenstown

Travel less and stay longer – With so many amazing places to go to in Otago such as Queenstown, Dunedin, Wanaka, Te Anau, it is tempting to travel and see the wonderful national parks, ski fields and Victorian architecture. However, staying in one place not only helps you save money, but it can also help you immerse yourself in one place. You can get to know the locals much better because you go to the same places more often. You also get to know some great and cheap things to do in the area as follows.

Cheaper alternatives to eating;

Eating cheaply in Otago can be a challenge for people on a budget, but luckily there are a few ways to eat cheaply. Check out the farmer’s market and also some of the fruit and vegetable shops in the area for some value buys. Several butchers may also have some surprising specials. It may take some time to find them, but you may enjoy the journey and scenery on the way to these places. Student bars and cafes are plentiful in Otago due to a large student population. These are great places to meet people and also to save some money.

Check out some free things to do in Otago;

Otago has a huge variety of things to do in the indoors but also outdoors. Otago’s natural splendours make this a very easy thing to achieve. Walking trails are all over the region such as Signal Hill Walk or walking the Roy’s Peak Track are some great ways to enjoy Otago cheaply or free. Pan for gold in places like Kawarau River Gorge. There are also many free public places for gold panning in Otago. Dunedin is famous for its Victorian architecture, and there are free museums in Otago.

Drink at home with friends;

This may seem boring to some, but most people do not want to stay out every night at the pubs or clubs so drinking at home with new friends can be enjoyable and also works out to be much cheaper. Supermarket beer can be cheap and returning bottles to the shop results in a discount. So remember when the weather gets cold, and it is raining then head inside with some friends and have a beer. Wine and cider are also reasonably priced.

Eating and drinking out;

Brewery tours are cheap fun and are a great way also to have some free or cheap samples. It is even better when it is cold or raining outside. There are some inexpensive places to eat out, particularly at lunch. There are cheap Chinese restaurants, cafes and Indian lunches to be found across the region. It is not guaranteed that you will find cheap restaurants, so do your research first.

Otago can be cheap, but like all places in the work, it just requires a little research and some planning as well as realistic expectations about how much travel and things that can be done on a budget. Follow this advice, and you will surely get used to a cheaper visit in Otago.